YouTube Annotation Makes Video Interactive

This new feature tradition hasn’t recently ceased at making Internet features “look” better. It’s made the most captivating style of feature ever constructed to make Video More Interactive .The viewer encounter an intelligent feature which is not similar to some other. Getting viewers to effectively interact with your Video content and appreciate the material on showcase can be an awesome approach to construct brand awareness.It positively serves to make your feature differentiate from the crowd and can easily convert your audience to subscribers, and help you get more views.
Setting up YouTube annotations seems to pretty difficult (when it comes to how to do it effectively ). Therefore we came up with an easy video tutorial for using YouTube annotations effectively.


Steps to set up YouTube Annotations
1. Go to YouTube and open Creator Studio.
2. Then on the left sidebar click on Video Manager > Videos.
3. Go to the video on which you would like to add annotation and click on Edit.
4. Select Add Annotation on the right , and choose the type of annotation you want to get on your video
5. Place the annotation where ever you want to appear on the video.
6. After placing the annotation and fixing up the size you want the annotation to be , go to the timeline below the video

7. Here you can set for how long you want the youtube annotation to appear for and select the time period for that
8. Simply drag and set accordingly
9. Now on the right hand side add the text that you want to appear in youtube annotation.
10. Below that select link and enter the URL that you want you viewers to be redirected from the current video.
11. Hit save and Apply Changes.

That’s it . You are done

How To Do YouTube Annotation Smartly

by Rajat Bagree time to read: 1 min

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