Hello WordPress lovers cause this is something you guys out there who use WordPress are going to love.Here we come up with another important knowledge feeder. As there are many plugins available over the internet to start up with your E-commerce in WordPress , Therefore we came up with something that will let you decide and choose which E-commerce Plugin fits the best of your requirement .Below is the list of Top 5 E-commerce plugins 2015 to build your E-commerce easily on WordPress and start selling beautifully.

1. Woo Commerce : 


Woo Commerce-excelling eCommerce. It’s the plugin which allows you to sell anything BEAUTIFULLY. It’s powerful, extendable plugin for eCommerce. It’s powerful and delivers enterprise level quality.Woo commerce transforms your WordPress website into a eCommerce store.Its compatible with the all the WordPress themes.It provides several payment options such as credit cards,debit cards,cash on delivery and cheque.It provides mijireh checkout .mijireh supports over 80 payment gateway all included for FREE.It avoids hassle and expense of security scans and manages all PCI compliance.woo commerce is compatible with WordPress 3.8.It provides PayPal ,FedEx,UPS gateways.Woo commerce allows social sharing by share This and share daddy.you can share your products via social sharing feature of woo commerce.Very easy to customize.The reporting is great in the background.It has bar-graphs,line graphs,pie charts etc.some extensions such as digital download,marketing ,supports Amazons 3 to drive traffic to your site.Woo commerce provides customer database management and a lot of tracking options.




 It is another great plugin to develop eCommerce. With around 2.6 million downloads,it is flexible and if you are developer you might love WP E-COMMERCE. Its a strong development community.It has product page on one section of WordPress and settings are denoted all the way down to the actual setting section of WordPress.It’s little harder to use.It has variations,Product tag categories and its super easy to use.priority support for the premium versions.It provides the feature of drag and drop shopping for the users.It has multiple payment gateways such as blue pay,Pay Station,sage pay,authorize.net etc.If you are more of developer oriented WP E COMMERCE is the plugin you can have.It has catalog management feature.





It is used for designing professional WordPress eCommerce.2.7 rating out of 5 stars. It can be called as the grandfather of WOO COMMERCE. JIGOSHOP is super clean and have alot of support forums. detailed reports of sales,store and orders.It consist of check payment feature. It is a great feature provided in jigoshop to test your purchasing experience.Trial gateways are also featured in JIGOSHOP.Multiple shipping methods.easy to set up.Its secure and easily customized.



4. SHOPP :

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SHOPP is an eCommerce plugin which allows you to make your dream store. Its a flexible eCommerce development toolkit to WordPress. Publish with word Press, sell with shopp.Its flexible,high performance and professional.It’s safe and sound.It uses all tricks of the trade,plus a few ideas of your own,to protect your store and customers.shields up :- shopp is so secure it passes PCI vulnerability scans every day.Integrated to the core.wired for performance,shopp goes to great length to deliver the best performance possible.It has simpler queries which results into a snappy website.Full Throttle:- It picks up data directly from the look up database and puts the data into working data model in a single pass…this leads to reducing CPU utilization and memory consumption.


 5. CART66 LITE :


 It was formally known as PhPurchase .It has multiple shipping and currency options which will enable your bussiness to reach globally. cart66 Lite provides professional versions having more advanced features.It does not requires SSL CERTIFICATES. Its the only eCommerce plugin that allows you to store PCI compliance from the start. allows you to make any type of eCommerce like physical products,digital products even membership and subscription.Accept donations and collect invoice payments.Order management and fulfillment.Built in recurring billing engine.Built in HTML email center to send follow up emails to customers.


Hope you enjoyed reading, if you liked the information shared please comment, would love to get your feedback  🙂



TOP 5 E-Commerce Plugins 2015

by Shivani Singh time to read: 3 min

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