With the ever-growing usage of Internet & Social Media Brands & Products have found a new market to advertise themselves. Every other brand is found publicizing and advertising themselves on Facebook, Twitter, You-tube, Websites, etc. Digital Marketing has been an easy and effective way to popularize oneself, develop user interactions & engagements. Brands now and then launch digital campaigns for the same.

Not every campaign is successful and effective. But, there are some players that have succeeded well and good in this race of digital marketing.Below are the Top 10 Digital Marketing Campaigns that were meaningful, effective and developed good user engagements.


  • Lay’s Do Us a Flavor:

Lays, one of the leading Potato Chips maker launched a campaign by the name “Do us a Flavor” where users could submit ideas for a new potato chips flavor. Fans could vote for the flavor they would like to be manufactured. The best flavors were actually sold in stores. This campaign started in UK and travelled around the globe.To see the statistics of how grand this campaign was you might want to check out the video below.

  • Water is Life:

Water Is Life is a non-profit organization that strives to bring clean water to those in need. Their long-term goal is to save lives and transform villages in need of water to self-sufficient thriving communities.Their Social Media team took an effective and unique approach.The organization set out to reverse the popular ‘#firstworldproblems’ trend used for silly complaints of the privileged.The video was a huge success generating more than a million likes in four days.

  • Domino’s Tweet for Cheap Pizzas:

Domino’s UK had ran a twitter campaign that got them a lot of fans interaction and fans in return got an expensive pizza for a cheaper price. All they had to do is tweet with a specific #hashtag to slash down the price. Domino’s got a ton of people tweeting.


  • Dunkin’ Donuts – Keep It Coolatta:

Dunkin’ Donuts came up with an awesome campaign to promote the launch of their Coolatta beverages. Dunkin’ Donuts Facebook fans could upload a photo of themselves with a Coolatta beverage to Facebook and automatically be entered into a daily giveaway.


  1. Breaking Bad Name Lab:

The television was sure dominated by this popular show Breaking Bad. It also dominated Facebook. They made a Facebook app that changed a person’s name with chemical element icons like the iconic logo of the show itself, and allowed people to set it as their Facebook profile picture.


  • Obermutten:

Obermutten, a small village in Switzerland launched the facebook page with a promise that for every like, the user’s photo will be put up in village bulletin board. They stuck to their promise and the walls are now filled with so many photos.The campaign reached more than 60 million people in 36 countries. Obermutten’s Facebook page engagement rate with fans is higher than that of Lady Gaga, Coca-Cola and Justin Beiber.

  • Oreo Daily Dunks & Dunkathon:

Oreo India had launched a Facebook-led social media campaign which made them the fastest growing Facebook pages in the world at that time. The brand created oreo graphics which connected it with an important event of the day on which the post was made.

For example, on June 21, it posted a visual update reminding people that it was the longest day of the year. But to connect it with the brand, it used a stretched pack of Oreo biscuits as the graphics.


  • The Hobbit:

One of my favorite movies and such an awesome advertising campaign. They integrated the story of the movie into a website turning the website into an amazing visual journey.


  • Heineken Crack the US Open:

Noone could have thought of a fan contest on Instagram. Then there came Heineken with their Crack the US Open contest. They made a new Instagram account and stitched together a panorama using hundreds of photos depicting tennis fans sitting in the grandstands.Heineken started the massive photo hunt by posting a clue and codeword on their Instagram account and fans had to search for the correct fan and comment on the correct photo with the codeword to win a pair of tickets to the US Open.


  • Social Seating

Business travelers have found a new way to make valuable connections thanks to KLM Royal Dutch Airline’s social seating service Meet & Seat, which was launched in 2012 to introduce passengers with similar interests via social media. Over the past two years the company has found that approximately half of those customers are using it for professional networking.
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Top 10 Digital Marketing Campaigns

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