An idea, a thought that buzzed across your mind, an idea of changing the world, an idea you think is far behind any person can think. Well to be true ideas are never ending so are the ways to set them up.

In the event that we discuss the current world, the current individuals; the working memory of the individuals is sufficiently long to hold till the data is valuable. So to straightforwardly have an effect or in a manner shake their brains the immediate and the basic path is through presentations.

A presentation is even more a formal method for exhibiting your perspectives, contemplations. It is fundamentally a manifestation of introduction of your specialized area, and a form of healthy communication by knowing our goals more clearly.

Let’s dive into the adept methods for planning and showing. Consider the 3 known P’s for a Presentation: Prepare, Present and Perform.



There are various tools available to begin with the preparation. But before that a pre-exercise is needed.

  • Research and collect the available data.
  • Think of a layout or format to present.
  • Sort the information priority wise.

After the pre-exercise task one needs to begin setting up the presentation considering the few essential components as a main priority:

  • Clear, Concise & Sorted Structure
  • Less text, More Pictures
  • Minimalist Approach to Color Selection
  • Correct & Easy to understand data
  • No Spelling & grammatical errors.
  • Appropriate font & font sizes.

After a long tiring process of preparing the whole presentation, we move towards the next phase of presenting it.



All it take is a moment’s courage to stand and speak out the thoughts & the views rolling all over your mind. Presenting can be compared to a form of manipulative instance that how well you can carry out the whole thing even if you do not have plenty of content or at times limited knowledge of the topic.

Some key points you should pay attention to would be as follows:

  • Decent Appearance and Dress Up.
  • Positive Attitude, No Dissenting Opinions.
  • Boost up your confidence.
  • Be Comfortable and avoid tensions.
  • Quote examples from current environment.
  • Time Management.
  • Distributed Eye Contact.
  • Normal pace and pitch.
  • Practice, Practice and Practice.



Performance is all about how charismatic you are, the way you spellbound people. & the aura you could create with all eyes sticking at you.

Key Points:

  • The way you walk in.
  • Proper body movements.
  • Pointing with fingers, absolute NO.
  • Avoid Fillers.
  • Enjoy your own performance.

To close; Research Properly, Practice very much a couple of times, Be Clear & Confident.

Author: Rashika Ahuja

The Art of Presenting

by Rajat Bagree time to read: 2 min

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