Gangnam Style dropped out of general society eye a while back (thank god) however individuals haven’t quit viewing it. It’s been seen such a variety of times that it really broke Youtube’s perspective counter, in the nerdiest conceivable route by busting the code in the background.


As the Youtube Google+ page clarifies, the feature stalled out at 2,147,483,647 perspectives, the most extreme number that can be held by a 32-bit whole number space. Youtube’s designers simply never anticipated that something will get that high, much the same as the software engineers who composed Y2k powerless code never thought they’d need to stress over the year 2000.

Starting now, Gangnam Style’s number looks to be heading ever upward, so it appears Youtube has altered the issue and gotten prepared for each higher perspective checks. In any case despite everything it leaves the imperative inquiries of who the damnation is as of now viewing Gangnam Style and why?

After Records, Gangnam Style Breaks Youtube

by Piyush Verma time to read: 1 min

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