How to Land the Prezi Ambassador Program!

After hearing about Prezi you decided to explore the website and you take a look at a few Prezi’s from around the world. You are astounded by all the amazing Prezi’s and then – out of the blue, you come across a page with the title Prezi Ambassador Program. What is the Prezi Ambassador Program? After watching the Prezi detailing the responsibility, benefits and experience of being an ambassador, you suddenly become aware of one thing: I must become a Prezi Ambassador. Now that you’ve moved on to the application, you come to realize how difficult this seems. No worries, we (current Prezi Ambassadors) have created a guide on tips to land the Prezi Ambassador Program.Many of us would think to approach this ambassadorship, as we do with any other internship/job/occupation with a very rigid notion of professionalism.

Rather Prezi Ambassador is Program to develop your analytical and logical skills

Our first tip is to ditch that framework. Operate outside of that system and witness the wonders it will do. Secondly, embrace the idea that you are an agent for change and leadership. Watch this Prezi and gain new insights on how to successfully campaign for the Prezi Ambassador Program at your university.

Learning Prezi is great with proper Tips & Tricks for Prezi

How To Become A Prezi Ambassador

by Rajat Bagree time to read: 1 min

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