Here is another gift from Microsoft Windows to Technophile.

After Windows 8.1, it’s the time for Windows 10 generation. Windows 10 provides great features and more user friendly environment to customers to work, play and connect. It is basically designed to provide better experience for Non-Touch Screen Devices (desktops, non-touch screen laptops).

Some of the exciting features of Windows 10 are :-

  • It has new revision for start menu :  Now we can scale our start menu , We can play with it. We can make it short, tall ,fat and thin. And can rotate it anywhere on our screen East, West, North & South. Yes, it’s resizable. It also allows Windows 10 Store App to run within windows on the full screen as well as in desktop mode.“Home tab”!! As it was missing in windows 8. Here it comes with an integration of our old start menu and live tiles of its predecessor (windows 8).

Windows 10 Features

  • Windows 10 also comes up with a new feature called “CONTINUUM”. It handles changeover between interface modes on convertible laptops and tablet with docking keyboards. When you attach keyboard it asks user to switch to user interface mode or either stay within touch optimized mode.


  • Task view is also added which allows user to easily switch between all opened windows.The amazing feature of windows 10 is virtual desktops. Though it is not electrifying feature for mac OS X users but obviously for the users who are using windows perpetuity. Windows 10 has provided Task View button for this feature in the task-bar.Just by clicking on this button in the task-bar or by using keyboard shortcut    “Windows + Tab”, you can have a display of all desktops running currently on your system. You can switch between desktops.Windows store app in windows 8.1 can only be used in full screen mode, in Windows 10 it can be used in desktop window.


  • Messaging app features is back in windows 10 which were removed from windows 8.1 and adding more to it search feature will now provide results from desktop as well as from web in windows 10. We can create a desktop in windows 10 according to our requirements distinguishing between things we do in work and things we do personally. We can also have 4 app snaps on the same screen.You can work it out by simply dragging a window to a corner of the screen and it will occupy one -fourth space of screen or by using shortcut key “Windows + arrow keys”.

Windows-10 -cortana

  • A new web-browser ‘Spartan’ is also introduced along with internet explorer in windows 10.

According to Terry Myerson (executive vice president, operating system)

Windows 10 will be the first step of the whole new generation of windows.

According to the reviews it’s the best windows yet.

When a fetus can turn into a baby in just nine months then why can’t Windows??? Feed Windows according to you. Your feedback can really work. Now you can directly give your feedback to Microsoft. It is not new every beta version asks for feedback, but Microsoft has created feedback app. Earlier windows asks for feedback for certain features. You can use it by clicking on the Windows button, and then typing ‘Windows feedback ‘.You can check all the features of windows 10, be the first to take test drive.

How to update to Windows 10

Windows 10  is a great step in technology enhancement  and will empower the people and make their work more easier and digitalized.

New Feel ,New Sense – Windows 10

by Shivani Singh time to read: 2 min

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