The above video will guide you how to link Google+ to Facebook Page . There is a step by step instruction mentioned below teaching you the same .

!IMPORTANT : Before everything, sign into your Google Plus Account, open your Google Plus Page and leave it open in another tab in browser .

Steps to link Google+ to Facebook Page


1. Open your Facebook Page where you want to add the Google Plus tab.
2. Search for Google Plus Tab for Pages (app) and click on it.
3. A warning saying “You are using Facebook as a page comes. Click on Continue as your profile.
4. Click on add Google+ to your page button at the top.
5. Click on the page you want to install the Google Plus App from the drop down menu and click on Add page tab.
6. Wait for the install to complete. After Installation Completes, go to your Facebook page again.
7. Click on Settings. (located at top-left side)
8. Then Click on Apps from the left panel.
9. You will see your Google Plus  Facebook Page Tab has been installed. Cheers!!!
10. Click on Edit Settings and Give a name (like: Google Plus).

11. Click on Go to App. Continue with the warning as before.
12. You will be asked for Google+ ID Number: Go back to the Browser tab you opened before starting this process.
13. From the link URL displayed at the browser copy only the numeric part.
14 .Return back and paste it. Select numbers of posts to display and click Change.
15. Click on Changes made, Click here to view your change.
16. You will see all your Google Plus Posts in the Google+ tab in your Facebook Page itself. Congrats!!!

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How To Link Google+ To Facebook Page

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