This video will guide you how can you install custom tab on a facebook page.

Steps :

1. Open the Facebook Page in Logged in mode where you want to Install Custom Tab.

2. Search for “Static HTML Iframe Tab by WooBox”

3. Continue as person and not as page as said.

4. Click on “Install Page Tab”

5. Select the facebook page you want to install the tab to.

6. Click on “Add Page Tab”
You will see a new tab “Welcome” on your page.
(If asked for redirection as in the video just click “Cancel”)

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7. Now click on “Settings” on the right hand side.

8. Click on “Configure Page Tab”
The WooBox Admin page will open.

9. Here, change the Page Source and Non Fan Page Source to whatever website you want to be showed.
(You can change to show or hide scrollbars and even define the size of the tab content or insert custom code.)

10. After that Click on “Save Settings”
Now to change the tab name from Welcome to the one you want.

11. Click on “Settings” as in Step-7.

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12. Click on “Tab Settings” under Manage section on your left.

13. Specify the “Tab Image” and “Tab Name” as you want.

14. Finally click on “Save Settings”
Voila !!! You have the site you want as a Facebook Page Tab.



Install Custom Tab on Facebook Page

by Rajat Bagree time to read: 1 min

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