Stealing someone’s identity to gain access to resources or obtain benefits in that person’s name is identity theft.If Identity thieves commit some illegal action, the actual persons may be troubled as their information has been used by the thief. Identity theft could be of your passport, of your credit card numbers, of your bank account passwords, your social media account. It comes in various sizes and shapes.

It is a serious problem affecting many people everyday. Moreover, digital identity thefts have also set its footprints in today’s world. Online transactions aren’t always safe, many passwords of bank accounts have been hacked and many more.

Here we provide a few tips of how you could prevent your identity theft:

  • Keep your identification documents like Passport, Voter ID Card, Citizenship, etc. safely with you. Carry only necessary documents and not everything with you.
  • Be sure of whom you give your personal information to maybe in real or on the internet. For instance, you may want to rethink shopping online on a site that doesn’t look trustworthy somehow.
  • Watch for shoulder-surfers. This might sound “Oh! really. Isn’t it too much?” but think twice. When entering a PIN number or a credit card number in an ATM machine, at a phone booth, or even on a computer at work, be aware of who is nearby and make sure nobody is peering over your shoulder to make a note of the keys you’re pressing.
  • Clear your login and password. This is especially important if you’ve been working on a public computer. Change login and password time and again.
  • Small but effective tip!!! Make use of both letters and numbers for passwords.
  • Make sure you don’t save passwords on the browser & un-check keep me signed in if you are on a public computer.
  • Sensitive documents & CD’s or DVD’s must be shredded & erased respectively.
  • Completely formatting your drives before you sell a computer would really be a wise idea.

Identity Theft : How to Protect it??

by Rajat Bagree time to read: 1 min

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