Facebook latest update allows you to invite people who have liked the post on your page , this new update is bringing in a new way to increase you facebook likes .
Along with great news for social media managers , it will bring new opportunities and ways to interact with people who have somehow managed to be engaged in the content of your page .

This new upgrade works fine until and unless you have to click on 1000’s of invite button , therefore Web Heart Brand presents you a simple trick to invite all those people and create conversions on the post in just one click .

Below is a step by step tutorial Teaching you how to  Invite People Who Like Your Post To Like Your Page ?

Pre requisites : Mozilla Firefox & Imacros

To install imacros in firefox . See The Tutorial Here



1. Download the script and paste it in the location where imacros files stay .
(copy the script to location C:\Users\XXX\Documents\iMacros\Macros )




2. Now open firefox and navigate to the post where you want to run the script

3. Click on the text saying how many people have liked the post “e.g : 706 likes ” . Clicking on this will show a list of people who have actually liked your post .

4. Now open imacros > select the script >set the loop value > hit play loop

5. That’s is all . You invited everyone in just one click and saved your self a lot of time and labor.

How To Invite People Who Like Your Post To Like Your Page 2015

by Rajat Bagree time to read: 1 min

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