A social media platform which is suddenly becoming the most traffic driving source for websites cannot be out shadowed

Linking facebook and pinterest can be easy and help us achieve traffic on pinterest but this is not the only solution.
Learn How To Link Pinterest To Facebook Page

Web Heart Brand audience have been questioning us about “How to increase followers on pinterest” from a long time after we came up with so many automation and tricks to increase your social media presence

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This tutorial will not only teach you how to increase followers on pinterest but this tutorial is more about gaining the right kind of targetted audience your business or websites had always been starving for.

This is an automation trick that lowers human input to do certain task and helps you do everything within a click .
Prerequisite : Mozilla Firefox Web Browser (Download)

So here is the trick for How to increase Followers on Pinterest

1. Search for pinners of your niche interest .
For eg: Let me assume that i am a fashion blogger so to gain the right kind of audience i will be searching for people who are interested in fashion| styling| clothing and so on.

2. Now select a pinner which has got a high number of followers
(I would prefer in four digit makes the work easy and more targetted)

3. Look up for the followers section of that pinner & scroll down for a while till you load a few thousand followers .

4. Download the script and paste it in the location where imacros files stay .
(copy the script to location C:\Users\XXX\Documents\iMacros\Macros )






5. Open imacros in Mozilla firefox
Check out How to install imacros

6. Select the script pinterest-follow.iim

7. Set the loop value to 999 & hit play

8.Sit back and let the magic happen .In one click you can follow 1000’s of people.

The video below is a step by step tutorial for How To Increase Followers On Pinterest 2015




How To Increase Followers On Pinterest 2015

by Rajat Bagree time to read: 1 min

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