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We have already posted four articles connected with Prezi, but there is no good Prezi without designing! That is exactly why we have created yet another list of useful tips, articles and videos – this time we will tell you something more about designing and creativity.


  • Make Your Design Colorful

Here is the link to the blog that will help you to choose right color scheme for your design, website or simply graphics that you are creating. You can find here the color you like with others that suits it so that your design will look absolutely stunning! Each color scheme has a beautiful photo that will help you to imagine the outcome of color matching.


  • Online Free Stock Photos Resources

As we know designing is not easy – when you are in a rush you may be forced to use already created graphics. However there are many websites with photos that you have to pay for… We have a perfect solution to this problem –  below you can find links to websites that are completely free.


  • Vector Images For Free

Do you have many ideas on vector images but you don’t have programme that may help you to create them? Don’t be afraid – such programme don’t have to be expensive! Inkscape is a professional programme that allows you to create such images for free. It is quite simple to use and very practical. Below you can find a link to the website that will enable you to download Inkscape for free.


  • Free Font Resources

Designing is not only about graphics but also about fonts that have to underline the message that you would like to present. Here is the website with useful and completely free fonts that will make presenting your ideas more clearly and effective. The website is in Polish but we believe that everyone will find a way to download the font he wants.

Click Here To Download Free Fonts

If you want to learn Prezi tips and tricks Click Here

Designing Is Easy!

by Rajat Bagree time to read: 1 min

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