Oh! What’s that? That’s a heart. Heart from Web Heart Brand acting as a cupid and pointing arrows to the lovers throughout the internet. Of course it’s Valentine’s Day and this time let’s make it digital.

Red Roses, Chocolates, expensive perfumes, cards are the ways people generally opt for to make their valentine feel special. But if a person is in a long distance relationship it in a way becomes a little; no we won’t be saying difficult but a little more thoughtful. But before considering any of the thoughts that we would be sharing with you, it is important to consider the thought process of your partner regarding this day.
We basically are trying to link web with the heart, which you all must be aware of is in a way is our motto. So let’s get started with some of the tips/thoughts.

Considering the aura of practicality which most of the couples these days tend to follow and try to show that they are mature enough to let go days like Valentine’s Day. But the truth is secretly they expect at least a warm wish from their partner’s side. So if in a long distance this wish can be doubled by booking tickets for any event or movie along with their friends. Make them feel special by making them spend some time with the other people in their life so they don’t feel that yes you two are at two different places.

Second comes for extremely romantic lovers for whom the Valentine’s Day is the only day in the year to love. For them there are websites like Powtoons and many others they let you create animated valentine cards (valentoons) with different themes making your partner feel special or maybe cooler. Let the arrow strike and burst out with the blood of love. Kidding, Actually can be considered as one of the themes if you are planning to prepare one.
PS: Fill them with the most creepiest things you know about them.
This is an era of E-commerce. Online shopping websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc. are providing you facilities to deliver your valentine gift directly to his/her place. But this kinda sound boring and too mainstream. Instead buy them with the shopping gift cards so that they can buy gift of their choice focusing on the so called concept of individuality.

This was created specifically for women. (Issued in Public Interest) xD

Still if you want to buy them gifts, personalize them. By personalizing we do not mean a heart on the coffee mug and your photograph on one side and your partner’s on the other which eventually vanishes with the crude impact of the detergent. Tend to make things creative so that they truly leave an impact on them. Only if you are not planning to buy condoms they are already very creative and flexible with their structure .

Skype, Hangout make use of them. Call them, sing songs for them. There are many other things which video calling makes easy and reachable but let’s not discuss about it over here or else we might get knocked out too.

What can be more relaxing than pampering yourself, by this I mean spa. Make arrangements for them, book their appointments, pay their bills and your valentine is all yours till the end of humanity.

Yeah Yeah, Jewelry can also be considered as an option. But with it do consider ordering Lingerie too. So it might turn out to be fruitful for you in future use.

E-cards, there are thousands of websites all over internet for these. Prepare one for them and send it in a form of an official mail.(Job suspension or Rejection letter) Scaring and then surprising them.

Flowers, Oh how can we even forget them. Rest you know what to do with them. Might have done many a times before on their birthdays or anniversaries.

Last but not the least, our personal favorite book a room in a decent yet lavish hotel in some third place and meet them on the valentine eve with a glass of wine some candles and a sea side view(preferably). Rest the night is yours till the next morning.

Best resources for Valentine Day online :

  1. American Greetings : Create special greetings for your loved ones along with personalized video123 Greetings
  2. 123 Greetings : This site provides greetings for every moment of life. The content is basically gif, png and jpeg . Though its not as effective as American Greetings , still its worth a try.
  3. Love n Wishes : Send flowers, chocolates, cake and gifts to your valentine online with same day delivery.
  4. India flower gifts :It provides stuff same as love n wishes but having more variety and range. Worth a shot
  5. Cotton fish : Send personalized gifts to your valentine.

We Love Creating Love.

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Creative Ideas For Valentines Day

by Rashika Ahuja time to read: 3 min

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