You might have come across the need to create a thread/string for your graphics work in Adobe Photoshop.Well, so was the case with me. I once came across the need to create a thread for a client of mine.

I tried a few methods. I used the pen tool to draw a curved line that resembles like a thread. Add anchor points and play around to create a thread like structure. But that maybe a little complex for those of you who aren’t comfortable using the Pen tool. I know it’s nerve racking in the beginning level and even I had been through it.

Worry not, because I bring before you the easiest method to create a thread. You will be amazed to see how simple it is and you could throw all methods down the lane once you learn this.

So here is the easiest way to create a thread in Adobe Photoshop. We are using Adobe Photoshop CS6 for this.

1. Create a New Document of the size of your choice.

2. Next, change the background color to the color of your choice. Unlock the background layer first. Then Double click on the layer thumbnail and click on Color Overlay.

3. Next, select the Single Column Marquee tool. To do this, right click on the Marquee tool and Select Single Column Marquee.

4. Drag the marquee wherever you want in the document.

5. Then click on New Layer. See how to create a New layer in the video above.

6. Then Right Click on the Marquee you just made and Click Stroke.

7. Define the Stroke width and color.

8. After this, Click on Filter->Distort->Shear.

9. In this new window just click on the line (somewhere in the middle). You will see a point will be added.

10. Just click and drag the point simultaneously to create a thread. You can always repeat Step 9 to add multiple points and modify the thread. Finally click OK.

So that easy was creating a thread in Adobe Photoshop.You can always play around with the thread you’ve created and use for various purposes. Good Luck !!

How to Create a Thread in Photoshop [ THE EASY WAY]

by Sandesh Subedi time to read: 1 min

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