What is Prezi & Why to choose Prezi ?

What is Prezi & Why to choose Prezi ?


Prezi, many of us might have heard the name while some of us haven’t yet. Well for the latter category of people, let me take time to introduce Prezi to you. Prezi is a presentation making tool that will help you in creating awesome presentation to present it in the classroom, or in a conference or to boost your sales. So, what does it sets Prezi apart from other conventional presentation tools like PowerPoint, Flash, etc.
Firstly, Prezi is cloud-based, meaning you can present from your browser, desktop, iPad, or iPhone and always have the latest version of your work at your fingertips. With Prezi you can create or edit on the go, then auto-sync across all your devices with ease. Also Prezi got it handled for people with less or poor access to internet. There’s a Prezi Desktop Software as well for both Mac and Windows OS.
Next, the way you create Prezis (a presentation made in Prezi) is way different. Presentations in PowerPoint are made in a linear fashion. Meaning, it utilizes the concept of slides. Prezi on the other hand provides a zooming interface as opposed to slides. Users can pan and zoom almost infinitely across and in-out the Prezi canvas. The advantage being you can get back to any slide the moment you want, Far more better than PowerPoint in which you can’t do that and if you had to do the only choice would be to let your audience see what you are doing and look all messy and unprepared. Right?
You need nice graphics and symbols to make your presentations stand out. Prezi has a numerous collection of graphics and symbols to choose from. Also inserting graphics is very easy, be it from your local storage or from the internet. Moreover, you can insert background sound, flash animations, YouTube videos at an ease. You can always make your presentation stand out by using tools like Photoshop and Illustrator to create graphics. Designing is not that difficult also people . We suggest you to use vector images and not raster images for your Prezi.
Prezi may seem a little bit confusing at first glance. But, believe me it is only because you have been used to PowerPoint for a long time now. A few days of using Prezi would make you fall in love with you. To help you get started here are some tips and tricks.
Making a presentation isn’t enough. You need to deliver it in an effective way too. Note that a presentation well-made but poorly delivered is equivalent to a presentation gone to waste. The art of presenting is something you need to learn before you present something to your audience irrespective of who they may be. Presentation and public speaking are closely related to one another. One who knows to make a good presentation and present it too properly is actually liked by the audience.
Today people are using Prezi for many purposes like company pitches, conferences, seminars, class activities, etc. One such usage of Prezi is a Prezume (a resume made in Prezi). Not only a well-designed presume looks nice but also you will look professional and outstand amidst several other applicants. Moreover, your employer can witness your samples of work right from the prezume itself without having to leave the application.
Finally, as a user of Prezi, I suggest you as well to start using Prezi and see the magic it can play by helping you design awesome presentations that would be liked and remembered by your audience and benefit you from various aspects. Keep Zooming like the Prezi guys say.

The power of learning

The power of learning


The power of learning lies within ourself, Let’s understand oneself in a better way

We learn through the whole life, but do we do it effectively? Are there any methods that will help us to learn faster? in this article we will try to answer those questions by listing out some links connected with learning. Some of the links will be about methods of learning and some about motivation or simply about sources that help to learn. If you are interested go ahead and read!


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

― Mahatma Gandhi



  • Open sources – a real revolution!

Richard Baraniuk talks on open-source learning in the video below. He is a professor at Rice University. He has created a platform that allows teachers to upload text books that may be changed by other specialists from all around the world. Students may download those textbooks for free and print them – it is very cheap and allows students to gain knowledge that may not be accessible in their countries.




“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”

― Albert Einstein



  • Coursera – Online Learning

Coursera is a platform that contains a lot of courses designed by professors from top international universities. All courses are free and anyone can join them. The idea helps students from all around the world to take part in classes that are interesting and highly valuable. As it is a reliable source of knowledge everyone should consider signing in!



“We learn from failure, not from success!”

Bram Stoker, Dracula



  • What is your learning style?

Each person is different and that’s why learning styles differ depending on people’s personality and predispositions. If we know what is our preferred style of learning we may learn in more effective way. Below you will find a link to the website that will help you to  understand your preferences of learning and give you some advice on how to use your skills.

Click Here To Know About Your Learning Style



“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”

Isaac Asimov


  • How to organize your ideas? Create a mind map!

Mind mapping is a very useful method of organizing your thoughts. It may help you to sort your ideas and create groups that will be easier to deal with. There is a link below that will take you to the website about the method and some tips that may help you to create a first mind map 😉

Click Here To Know About Yours

Designing Is Easy!

Designing Is Easy!


Discover the world of designing with an ease


We have already posted four articles connected with Prezi, but there is no good Prezi without designing! That is exactly why we have created yet another list of useful tips, articles and videos – this time we will tell you something more about designing and creativity.


  • Make Your Design Colorful

Here is the link to the blog that will help you to choose right color scheme for your design, website or simply graphics that you are creating. You can find here the color you like with others that suits it so that your design will look absolutely stunning! Each color scheme has a beautiful photo that will help you to imagine the outcome of color matching.


  • Online Free Stock Photos Resources

As we know designing is not easy – when you are in a rush you may be forced to use already created graphics. However there are many websites with photos that you have to pay for… We have a perfect solution to this problem –  below you can find links to websites that are completely free.


  • Vector Images For Free

Do you have many ideas on vector images but you don’t have programme that may help you to create them? Don’t be afraid – such programme don’t have to be expensive! Inkscape is a professional programme that allows you to create such images for free. It is quite simple to use and very practical. Below you can find a link to the website that will enable you to download Inkscape for free.


  • Free Font Resources

Designing is not only about graphics but also about fonts that have to underline the message that you would like to present. Here is the website with useful and completely free fonts that will make presenting your ideas more clearly and effective. The website is in Polish but we believe that everyone will find a way to download the font he wants.

Click Here To Download Free Fonts

If you want to learn Prezi tips and tricks Click Here

Vector Image Or Raster Image

Vector Image Or Raster Image


Vector images differ from raster images in a couple of ways. Both types of images are useful for different reasons. Vector images use geometric primitives such as points, lines, curves, and other shapes. All vector images are made by mathematical expressions and appear as unique computer graphics. The greatest advantage of vector images is that they may be scaled and magnified to any amount while maintaining their best quality. Another great vector advantage is size; vector objects are much smaller than raster images and therefore are easily updated and transferred without alteration. Vector images are represented in original resolution, without generalization. All lines in a vector images represent distinct objects so that each object may be edited many times; this ensures near perfection and best available quality. Vector images are most useful in logo designs and print work (e.g. brochures and posters). Great vector images can be created in programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and Inkscape.

In contrast, there are also raster images. A raster image is a dot matrix data structure that represents a grid of pixels, or points of color, and is usually viewed on a computer monitor or paper. Each pixel is assigned a different color value. These images are stored in image files with varying formats. Bitmaps, or single-bit rasters, correspond bit-for-bit with an image displayed on screens. Differing form vector images, raster images are resolution dependent. Rasters are characterized by an image’s width and height, and the number of bits per pixel (the number of colors the image can represent). When altering the image’s size, one is shrinking or stretching the pixels themselves; this may cause loss of clarity or blurry images. Raster images are great for web design and photograph editing. Raster images can be altered, or improved, with resources such as Photoshop or GIMP.

Online Learning | E-Learning

Online Learning | E-Learning


Online learning or eLearning is the use of electronic educational tools in teaching and learning. ELearning could include: information and communication technology (ICT) in education, multimedia learning, computer-based teaching and learning, web-based training, online education, etc. In practical terms, Online learning is based on the use of modern tools, such as digital technology, electronic media and associated software. Some of the most common e-learning sources and platforms will be discussed further in the article (Wikipedia 2014).

According to the results of the 8th annual survey of learning tools, the top three most popular learning tools for 2014 are Twitter, Google Docs/Drive and YouTube. PREZI presentation platform also comes in the top 15 most valuable eLearning tools at position 13 according to the survey. However, with the growing spread and popularity of PREZI it will soon be joining the top 5 eLearning platforms (http://c4lpt.co.uk/top100tools/).

Another virtual learning environment which was established in 1969, but became popular in the last decade is the Open University. This is a distance learning and research university based in the UK, which offers over 600 courses to people all around the world. The Open University also works in cooperation with BBC learning centre. The tendency of eLearning and long-distance teaching/learning is high popularized, as more and more schools/universities globally offer classes and courses based on various eLearning techniques and platforms (http://www.open.ac.uk/).

As far as the academic sphere is concerned, nowadays, there are no exact statistics on the number of available scholarly journals. According to a research, approximately 2.5 Million articles are published annually in 25,000 peer-reviewed journals, roughly 25% of which could be openly accessed. The “Open Access” culture appeared for the first time in the software industry in 1980s. Since then the publishing industry has built up their negative attitude towards that topic, which is recently intensively debated. Publishers are against the concept of Open Access, because of a number of reasons, such as the fact that sales rates of academic journals and their prestige have lowered drastically. Another important factor is that the free accessibility to academic content will damage the well-established peer-review system, which will lead to reduced quality levels. With the open access model more low cost publications will be available on the market, which could sometimes mean that readers are provided with unreliable sources, which have not been peer- reviewed. It also increases the risk that research materials and information from scientific fields, such as medicine and military, could fall into the wrong hands of people who might misuse it (The Chronicle 2010).

Other examples of popular eLearning software platforms to consider that are more focused on users such as teachers, authors, coaches, self-help gurus, etc are Siminars, udemy, Articulate, Udacity and Skillshare. These platforms assist people to create an online customizable system of learning, supported by fast reporting and feedback (http://bestelearningplatforms.com/software-tool-reviews/).

Nowadays, the Internet offers unlimited access to data and knowledge, so all a person needs to do is to define a study interest and work hard to expand his/her knowledge in the filed. So take a look at the listed e-learning platforms and explore!




Presentation and Public Speaking

Presentation and Public Speaking

Learn Presentation Public Speaking Tricks

Giving a fantastic presentation is important in day-to-day life. We give lectures during classes or at work – we need it to sell our products, show the results of our work or simply to teach others. As it is an ability that may be practiced and improved by some exercises, we have created a list of articles and movies that may be used for improving your skills and increase your self-confidence in front of the audience. Here is the list for presentation public speaking tips and tricks:


[pinit  url="http://blog.webheartbrand.com/presentation-public-speaking/" description="Are you afraid of speaking in public Or want to stun your audience via your presentation. Visit:
" align="center" size="large"]

  • Want to interest your audience? Here’s a little guide how to do it

Becoming a good presenter is not easy. Some people are very talented in this discipline but EVERYONE can improve his skills and become a great presenter. If you would like to learn how to do it – check the link below and watch an amazing prezi describing some tips that will help you.

Visit For More : Here!


  • It’s easier to learn from others mistakes – find out the most typical mistakes made by presenters

Everyone has taken part in a boring presentation and decided that his performances will be better. Learning through somebody’s else mistakes is a very efficient method of improving your skills. Here is the example of the worst presentation ever with funny narration. Check this out and become better presenters 🙂

Visit For More : Here!


  • People don’t listen to you – here is our advice

Generally people tend to listen to lecturers who are self confident and know exactly what to say and how. Of course nobody is perfect and that’s exactly why we share with you this material connected with Julian Treasure’s speech on how to speak more efficiently.



  • Want to be a good presenter – become a Prezi ambassador first

Learning presenting skills is not easy although it may be easier if you learn from the best! Becoming Prezi ambassador is connected with many interesting workshops that helps participant understand their audience and give a better performance during speeches. But how to become an ambassador? Here is a prezi made by one of us – Pedro Martinez – which explains what you are supposed to do 🙂


 How To Be A Prezi Ambassador


  • Speeches made by scientists may also be fun! – how to speak understandingly

As you may have noticed when you are giving a speech that is connected to a particular and sophisticated topic, audience seems to be bored – why is that? Scientists are likely to talk in a specific jargon that not everyone understands and that’s exactly why some of the people may get bored. Here is the movie that helps scientists solve this problem and give a great lectures!

Visit For More : Here!

  • Presenting doesn’t have to be hard!


A the end of this post we would like to encourage you to reading another article on this blog connected with the art of presenting 🙂

We hope that this article helped you to understand the importance of exercising your  presentation public speaking  skills and showed you how to do it. Stay tuned – we will add some more content soon! 🙂

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