YouTube has an 8K video (that nobody can observe)

YouTube has an 8K video (that nobody can observe)

Ultra-high-definition television (also known as Super Hi-Vision, Ultra HD television, UltraHD, UHDTV, or UHD) includes 4K UHD (2160p) and 8K UHD (4320p), which are two digital video formats proposed by NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories and defined and approved by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The Consumer Electronics Association announced on October 17, 2012, that “Ultra High Definition”, or “Ultra HD”, would be used for displays that have an aspect ratio of at least 16:9 and at least one digital input capable of carrying and presenting native video at a minimum resolution of 3840×2160 pixels.

Technical details

Super Hi-Vision specifications:


Two resolutions are defined as UHDTV:

  • 4K UHDTV (2160p) is 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels tall (8.29 megapixels), which is four times as many pixels as 1920×1080 (2.07 megapixels).
  • 8K UHDTV (4320p) is 7680 pixels wide by 4320 pixels tall (33.18 megapixels), which is sixteen times as many pixels as current 1080pHDTV, which brings it closer to the detail level of 15/70 mm IMAX. NHK advocates the 8K UHDTV format with 22.2 surround sound as Super Hi-Vision.555

The suffix “p” in 2160p and 4320p stands for progressive scan or non-interlaced.

The gear to shoot it may not precisely be broad, and the presentations expected to view it at home are even less along these lines, yet 8K feature has advanced toward YouTube. It’s an element the outfit declared path in 2010, however just barely as of late did a clasp surface that really utilizes those lines of determination. The cut’s called Ghost Towns and its a moderate panning excursion through what resembles an as of late relinquished mining settlement. Mountain View told 9to5Google that the 8K mark was included recently, however 4320p footage has just seemed pretty as of late. The feature depiction noticed that Ghost Towns was given utilizing a RED Epic Dragon 6K camera in picture introduction and to hit the higher determination, a portion of the footage was upscaled or sewed together with Adobe’s After Effects suite.


Not very many of us will have the capacity to watch this on our regular machines because of the sheer measure of framework assets it takes to handle a feature of this size, however the individuals who can ought to be cheerful to know it evidently keeps running in Chrome and Safari. Obviously, you can peep it in lesser resolutions underneath too.

YouTube has this 8K video (that nobody can observe)



Damn! The World is running too fast. Anyway you can still cover it.
Microsoft’s cloud first strategy(OneDrive is better than Google drive. More storage than G-Drive), cortana integration with Bing to increase traffic, Bing rewards(still waiting for this in India). Provided the fact, cyanogen has MS apps pre installed.

images (38)

Premji Investment, the venture vehicle of Wipro Ltd. Director Azim Premji, will be among the speculators in the new financing, said the individuals, who requested that not be recognized on the grounds that the news isn’t open. Microsoft Corp. chosen not to contribute after arrangements, in spite of the fact that it may even now be keen on a business arrangement to get its product onto Cyanogen’s portable working framework, one individual said.

Cyanogen builds up an Android-based interface for cell phones that lets clients alter their gadgets and substance. Microsoft had held chats with the Palo Alto, California-based startup to investigate a speculation with the objective of putting Microsoft’s applications on Cyanogen programming, said one of the individuals.

CyanogenMod’s fundamental object is to improve your cell phone a, quicker, and more adaptable gadget. As a matter of first importance, it conveys an unadulterated Android involvement with none of the bloatware, skins, and UI customizations that most makes have a tendency to ship their gadgets with. That discernibly enhances the cell phone’s general execution, responsiveness, and battery life. Second of all, CyanogenMod is constantly based on top of Android’s most recent form, which implies that you get the most up and coming programming knowledge regardless of the fact that your cell phone’s maker  has not discharged an upgrade yet. Moreover, you get support for FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB tying, ceaseless self-adjust while shooting features, and an extraordinary in disguise mode for the times when you need your searching history to stay unrecorded. The rundown of changes and customization alternatives just continues going, and new highlights are being included all the time.


Notwithstanding, there is constantly one seemingly insignificant detail that needs to be brought up – tinkering with the cell phone’s firmware is not 100 percent dolt confirmation. There is dependably the slight danger of winding up with a bricked gadget if something happens, so everyone who is overcome enough to introduce CyanogenMod onto their cell phone is encouraged to be additional careful.

BEWARE! Digital Dark Age Is Near ?

BEWARE! Digital Dark Age Is Near ?

According to Researchers and Technocrats we are heading towards DIGITAL DARK AGE Just imagine what is gonna happen when we loose our digital data and data stored over Internet. We would be at a awful stage,which will be called as DIGITAL DARK AGE.


Can be described easily as an age where is the no written records. A Time when people will be so much relied on the technology that they won’t be able to access the historical electronic document or multimedia due to their incompatible file format. If the world’s data is not permanently stored,we are no more away to reach digital dark age.

Now-a-days a snapshot is taken of an item is used to store to reproduce the item at later date but centuries from now snapshot will be used to reproduce game, picture file or a spreadsheet on modern  computers. The technology is increasing at a faster pace,we can say that our future generation will have a huge repository of  data but as the technology will be so much enhanced they won’t be able to access it due to obscure file formats.

The digital content such as email that researchers might need will be evaporated because we didn’t saved it or inaccessible and interpreted because it was created by a software that is 100 years old. The future technology will not be compatible with the standards we use today,leading to the loss of a lot of historic data at forthcoming generations.


DIGITAL DARK AGE can be prevented and we can escape from this awful situation if we get concerned and take proper precautions from now.

  • Caring of the digital material- Printing out important pictures so that they could be preserved for history.
  • Convert it to Preserve it.
  • Atomic backup.
  • Digital vellum-Taking  snapshots  of  the  different  ways  in  which  a  file  can  be  opened  so that  in  future  generation  scientist  can  reproduce  the  files  with  the  help  of  the instructions.


The digital dark age can be said as :-

*State of too much information.

*Non-accessible information.

*Non reliable information

We are unknowingly throwing our data into a black hole.We have to ask ourselves how can we preserve each bit of data that we are creating for future generations.It’s the need of the hour that people should start thinking about the preservation of the data before it’s too late that we lead to digital dark age.We can escape from that situation if the efforts are been made from now on wards.

New Feel ,New Sense – Windows 10

New Feel ,New Sense – Windows 10


Here is another gift from Microsoft Windows to Technophile.

After Windows 8.1, it’s the time for Windows 10 generation. Windows 10 provides great features and more user friendly environment to customers to work, play and connect. It is basically designed to provide better experience for Non-Touch Screen Devices (desktops, non-touch screen laptops).

Some of the exciting features of Windows 10 are :-

  • It has new revision for start menu :  Now we can scale our start menu , We can play with it. We can make it short, tall ,fat and thin. And can rotate it anywhere on our screen East, West, North & South. Yes, it’s resizable. It also allows Windows 10 Store App to run within windows on the full screen as well as in desktop mode.“Home tab”!! As it was missing in windows 8. Here it comes with an integration of our old start menu and live tiles of its predecessor (windows 8).

Windows 10 Features

  • Windows 10 also comes up with a new feature called “CONTINUUM”. It handles changeover between interface modes on convertible laptops and tablet with docking keyboards. When you attach keyboard it asks user to switch to user interface mode or either stay within touch optimized mode.


  • Task view is also added which allows user to easily switch between all opened windows.The amazing feature of windows 10 is virtual desktops. Though it is not electrifying feature for mac OS X users but obviously for the users who are using windows perpetuity. Windows 10 has provided Task View button for this feature in the task-bar.Just by clicking on this button in the task-bar or by using keyboard shortcut    “Windows + Tab”, you can have a display of all desktops running currently on your system. You can switch between desktops.Windows store app in windows 8.1 can only be used in full screen mode, in Windows 10 it can be used in desktop window.


  • Messaging app features is back in windows 10 which were removed from windows 8.1 and adding more to it search feature will now provide results from desktop as well as from web in windows 10. We can create a desktop in windows 10 according to our requirements distinguishing between things we do in work and things we do personally. We can also have 4 app snaps on the same screen.You can work it out by simply dragging a window to a corner of the screen and it will occupy one -fourth space of screen or by using shortcut key “Windows + arrow keys”.

Windows-10 -cortana

  • A new web-browser ‘Spartan’ is also introduced along with internet explorer in windows 10.

According to Terry Myerson (executive vice president, operating system)

Windows 10 will be the first step of the whole new generation of windows.

According to the reviews it’s the best windows yet.

When a fetus can turn into a baby in just nine months then why can’t Windows??? Feed Windows according to you. Your feedback can really work. Now you can directly give your feedback to Microsoft. It is not new every beta version asks for feedback, but Microsoft has created feedback app. Earlier windows asks for feedback for certain features. You can use it by clicking on the Windows button, and then typing ‘Windows feedback ‘.You can check all the features of windows 10, be the first to take test drive.

How to update to Windows 10

Windows 10  is a great step in technology enhancement  and will empower the people and make their work more easier and digitalized.

Amazon Crash in Flash Sale

Amazon Crash in Flash Sale


After been through the crashes that Flipkart faced during mega sale , Flipkart learnt a lot to save themselves from such kind of crashes and errors. But looks like Amazon is new to this thing .

Amazon Crash for around 15 minutes during the flash sale of Micromax Yu on 13 th January 2015

This is something that happened today at and left many customers unhappy.(even me)

Here is the screenshot of the moment when Amazon Crash.





Viral Videos of YouTube 2014

Viral Videos of YouTube 2014

2014 was a year full of crazy people doing exciting things. Here we present the Viral Videos of YouTube in 2014.



Mutant Giant Spider Dog; a prank by SA Wardega (Guys from Poland) definitely deserves to be in Viral YouTube Videos 2014.


Another one on the list of Viral YouTube Videos 2014 is daredevil BMX rider Danny Macaskill and his crazy bike riding.


Next up, is the Best Buds Commercial by Budweiser in Viral YouTube Videos 2014.


You never get afraid of babies until you see this video by DevilsDueNYC.


The fifth in the Viral YouTube Videos 2014 list is winner Stays. ft. Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney, Ibrahimović, Iniesta & more by Nike Football.


The Sixth Spot goes to First Kiss by; a film by Tatia Pilieva. Watch these strangers kiss for the first time and keep imagining why does these things don’t happen with you.


Watch as Alan Becker tries to make an animation and something goes horribly wrong. Good it went worng, as it secured a position in Viral YouTube Videos 2014.


These guys gotta be crazy for hacking a Billboard. Salute to you guys for pulling this off.


With Apple releasing its new phone Iphone6, there were a lot of criticisms and a lot of praises as well. The most famous one being, the bending of Iphone6.


How can we end the list without Katy Perry. Dark Horse by Katy Perry grabs the number one spot on the Viral YouTube Music Video.

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