How To Set Plugins Folder In Ableton Live

How To Set Plugins Folder In Ableton Live

This video will help you in adding custom vst plugins folder to Ableton,

1. Open Abeton Live.
2. Go to Preferences.
3. Go To File and Folder Tab.
4. Now Set your Custom Vst folder and Click Refresh.


This video will help you in adding custom vst plugins folder to Ableton,

1. Open Abeton Live.
2. Go to Preferences.
3. Go To File and Folder Tab.
4. Now Set your Custom Vst folder and Click Refresh.

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TOP 5 E-Commerce Plugins 2015

TOP 5 E-Commerce Plugins 2015

Hello WordPress lovers cause this is something you guys out there who use WordPress are going to love.Here we come up with another important knowledge feeder. As there are many plugins available over the internet to start up with your E-commerce in WordPress , Therefore we came up with something that will let you decide and choose which E-commerce Plugin fits the best of your requirement .Below is the list of Top 5 E-commerce plugins 2015 to build your E-commerce easily on WordPress and start selling beautifully.

1. Woo Commerce : 


Woo Commerce-excelling eCommerce. It’s the plugin which allows you to sell anything BEAUTIFULLY. It’s powerful, extendable plugin for eCommerce. It’s powerful and delivers enterprise level quality.Woo commerce transforms your WordPress website into a eCommerce store.Its compatible with the all the WordPress themes.It provides several payment options such as credit cards,debit cards,cash on delivery and cheque.It provides mijireh checkout .mijireh supports over 80 payment gateway all included for FREE.It avoids hassle and expense of security scans and manages all PCI compliance.woo commerce is compatible with WordPress 3.8.It provides PayPal ,FedEx,UPS gateways.Woo commerce allows social sharing by share This and share can share your products via social sharing feature of woo commerce.Very easy to customize.The reporting is great in the background.It has bar-graphs,line graphs,pie charts etc.some extensions such as digital download,marketing ,supports Amazons 3 to drive traffic to your site.Woo commerce provides customer database management and a lot of tracking options.




 It is another great plugin to develop eCommerce. With around 2.6 million downloads,it is flexible and if you are developer you might love WP E-COMMERCE. Its a strong development community.It has product page on one section of WordPress and settings are denoted all the way down to the actual setting section of WordPress.It’s little harder to use.It has variations,Product tag categories and its super easy to use.priority support for the premium versions.It provides the feature of drag and drop shopping for the users.It has multiple payment gateways such as blue pay,Pay Station,sage pay, etc.If you are more of developer oriented WP E COMMERCE is the plugin you can have.It has catalog management feature.





It is used for designing professional WordPress eCommerce.2.7 rating out of 5 stars. It can be called as the grandfather of WOO COMMERCE. JIGOSHOP is super clean and have alot of support forums. detailed reports of sales,store and orders.It consist of check payment feature. It is a great feature provided in jigoshop to test your purchasing experience.Trial gateways are also featured in JIGOSHOP.Multiple shipping methods.easy to set up.Its secure and easily customized.



4. SHOPP :

download (12)

SHOPP is an eCommerce plugin which allows you to make your dream store. Its a flexible eCommerce development toolkit to WordPress. Publish with word Press, sell with shopp.Its flexible,high performance and professional.It’s safe and sound.It uses all tricks of the trade,plus a few ideas of your own,to protect your store and customers.shields up :- shopp is so secure it passes PCI vulnerability scans every day.Integrated to the core.wired for performance,shopp goes to great length to deliver the best performance possible.It has simpler queries which results into a snappy website.Full Throttle:- It picks up data directly from the look up database and puts the data into working data model in a single pass…this leads to reducing CPU utilization and memory consumption.


 5. CART66 LITE :


 It was formally known as PhPurchase .It has multiple shipping and currency options which will enable your bussiness to reach globally. cart66 Lite provides professional versions having more advanced features.It does not requires SSL CERTIFICATES. Its the only eCommerce plugin that allows you to store PCI compliance from the start. allows you to make any type of eCommerce like physical products,digital products even membership and subscription.Accept donations and collect invoice payments.Order management and fulfillment.Built in recurring billing engine.Built in HTML email center to send follow up emails to customers.


Hope you enjoyed reading, if you liked the information shared please comment, would love to get your feedback  🙂



BEWARE! Digital Dark Age Is Near ?

BEWARE! Digital Dark Age Is Near ?

According to Researchers and Technocrats we are heading towards DIGITAL DARK AGE Just imagine what is gonna happen when we loose our digital data and data stored over Internet. We would be at a awful stage,which will be called as DIGITAL DARK AGE.


Can be described easily as an age where is the no written records. A Time when people will be so much relied on the technology that they won’t be able to access the historical electronic document or multimedia due to their incompatible file format. If the world’s data is not permanently stored,we are no more away to reach digital dark age.

Now-a-days a snapshot is taken of an item is used to store to reproduce the item at later date but centuries from now snapshot will be used to reproduce game, picture file or a spreadsheet on modern  computers. The technology is increasing at a faster pace,we can say that our future generation will have a huge repository of  data but as the technology will be so much enhanced they won’t be able to access it due to obscure file formats.

The digital content such as email that researchers might need will be evaporated because we didn’t saved it or inaccessible and interpreted because it was created by a software that is 100 years old. The future technology will not be compatible with the standards we use today,leading to the loss of a lot of historic data at forthcoming generations.


DIGITAL DARK AGE can be prevented and we can escape from this awful situation if we get concerned and take proper precautions from now.

  • Caring of the digital material- Printing out important pictures so that they could be preserved for history.
  • Convert it to Preserve it.
  • Atomic backup.
  • Digital vellum-Taking  snapshots  of  the  different  ways  in  which  a  file  can  be  opened  so that  in  future  generation  scientist  can  reproduce  the  files  with  the  help  of  the instructions.


The digital dark age can be said as :-

*State of too much information.

*Non-accessible information.

*Non reliable information

We are unknowingly throwing our data into a black hole.We have to ask ourselves how can we preserve each bit of data that we are creating for future generations.It’s the need of the hour that people should start thinking about the preservation of the data before it’s too late that we lead to digital dark age.We can escape from that situation if the efforts are been made from now on wards.

Creative Ideas For Valentines Day

Creative Ideas For Valentines Day

Oh! What’s that? That’s a heart. Heart from Web Heart Brand acting as a cupid and pointing arrows to the lovers throughout the internet. Of course it’s Valentine’s Day and this time let’s make it digital.

Red Roses, Chocolates, expensive perfumes, cards are the ways people generally opt for to make their valentine feel special. But if a person is in a long distance relationship it in a way becomes a little; no we won’t be saying difficult but a little more thoughtful. But before considering any of the thoughts that we would be sharing with you, it is important to consider the thought process of your partner regarding this day.
We basically are trying to link web with the heart, which you all must be aware of is in a way is our motto. So let’s get started with some of the tips/thoughts.

Considering the aura of practicality which most of the couples these days tend to follow and try to show that they are mature enough to let go days like Valentine’s Day. But the truth is secretly they expect at least a warm wish from their partner’s side. So if in a long distance this wish can be doubled by booking tickets for any event or movie along with their friends. Make them feel special by making them spend some time with the other people in their life so they don’t feel that yes you two are at two different places.

Second comes for extremely romantic lovers for whom the Valentine’s Day is the only day in the year to love. For them there are websites like Powtoons and many others they let you create animated valentine cards (valentoons) with different themes making your partner feel special or maybe cooler. Let the arrow strike and burst out with the blood of love. Kidding, Actually can be considered as one of the themes if you are planning to prepare one.
PS: Fill them with the most creepiest things you know about them.
This is an era of E-commerce. Online shopping websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc. are providing you facilities to deliver your valentine gift directly to his/her place. But this kinda sound boring and too mainstream. Instead buy them with the shopping gift cards so that they can buy gift of their choice focusing on the so called concept of individuality.

This was created specifically for women. (Issued in Public Interest) xD

Still if you want to buy them gifts, personalize them. By personalizing we do not mean a heart on the coffee mug and your photograph on one side and your partner’s on the other which eventually vanishes with the crude impact of the detergent. Tend to make things creative so that they truly leave an impact on them. Only if you are not planning to buy condoms they are already very creative and flexible with their structure .

Skype, Hangout make use of them. Call them, sing songs for them. There are many other things which video calling makes easy and reachable but let’s not discuss about it over here or else we might get knocked out too.

What can be more relaxing than pampering yourself, by this I mean spa. Make arrangements for them, book their appointments, pay their bills and your valentine is all yours till the end of humanity.

Yeah Yeah, Jewelry can also be considered as an option. But with it do consider ordering Lingerie too. So it might turn out to be fruitful for you in future use.

E-cards, there are thousands of websites all over internet for these. Prepare one for them and send it in a form of an official mail.(Job suspension or Rejection letter) Scaring and then surprising them.

Flowers, Oh how can we even forget them. Rest you know what to do with them. Might have done many a times before on their birthdays or anniversaries.

Last but not the least, our personal favorite book a room in a decent yet lavish hotel in some third place and meet them on the valentine eve with a glass of wine some candles and a sea side view(preferably). Rest the night is yours till the next morning.

Best resources for Valentine Day online :

  1. American Greetings : Create special greetings for your loved ones along with personalized video123 Greetings
  2. 123 Greetings : This site provides greetings for every moment of life. The content is basically gif, png and jpeg . Though its not as effective as American Greetings , still its worth a try.
  3. Love n Wishes : Send flowers, chocolates, cake and gifts to your valentine online with same day delivery.
  4. India flower gifts :It provides stuff same as love n wishes but having more variety and range. Worth a shot
  5. Cotton fish : Send personalized gifts to your valentine.

We Love Creating Love.

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New Feel ,New Sense – Windows 10

New Feel ,New Sense – Windows 10


Here is another gift from Microsoft Windows to Technophile.

After Windows 8.1, it’s the time for Windows 10 generation. Windows 10 provides great features and more user friendly environment to customers to work, play and connect. It is basically designed to provide better experience for Non-Touch Screen Devices (desktops, non-touch screen laptops).

Some of the exciting features of Windows 10 are :-

  • It has new revision for start menu :  Now we can scale our start menu , We can play with it. We can make it short, tall ,fat and thin. And can rotate it anywhere on our screen East, West, North & South. Yes, it’s resizable. It also allows Windows 10 Store App to run within windows on the full screen as well as in desktop mode.“Home tab”!! As it was missing in windows 8. Here it comes with an integration of our old start menu and live tiles of its predecessor (windows 8).

Windows 10 Features

  • Windows 10 also comes up with a new feature called “CONTINUUM”. It handles changeover between interface modes on convertible laptops and tablet with docking keyboards. When you attach keyboard it asks user to switch to user interface mode or either stay within touch optimized mode.


  • Task view is also added which allows user to easily switch between all opened windows.The amazing feature of windows 10 is virtual desktops. Though it is not electrifying feature for mac OS X users but obviously for the users who are using windows perpetuity. Windows 10 has provided Task View button for this feature in the task-bar.Just by clicking on this button in the task-bar or by using keyboard shortcut    “Windows + Tab”, you can have a display of all desktops running currently on your system. You can switch between desktops.Windows store app in windows 8.1 can only be used in full screen mode, in Windows 10 it can be used in desktop window.


  • Messaging app features is back in windows 10 which were removed from windows 8.1 and adding more to it search feature will now provide results from desktop as well as from web in windows 10. We can create a desktop in windows 10 according to our requirements distinguishing between things we do in work and things we do personally. We can also have 4 app snaps on the same screen.You can work it out by simply dragging a window to a corner of the screen and it will occupy one -fourth space of screen or by using shortcut key “Windows + arrow keys”.

Windows-10 -cortana

  • A new web-browser ‘Spartan’ is also introduced along with internet explorer in windows 10.

According to Terry Myerson (executive vice president, operating system)

Windows 10 will be the first step of the whole new generation of windows.

According to the reviews it’s the best windows yet.

When a fetus can turn into a baby in just nine months then why can’t Windows??? Feed Windows according to you. Your feedback can really work. Now you can directly give your feedback to Microsoft. It is not new every beta version asks for feedback, but Microsoft has created feedback app. Earlier windows asks for feedback for certain features. You can use it by clicking on the Windows button, and then typing ‘Windows feedback ‘.You can check all the features of windows 10, be the first to take test drive.

How to update to Windows 10

Windows 10  is a great step in technology enhancement  and will empower the people and make their work more easier and digitalized.

How To Do YouTube Annotation Smartly

How To Do YouTube Annotation Smartly

YouTube Annotation Makes Video Interactive

This new feature tradition hasn’t recently ceased at making Internet features “look” better. It’s made the most captivating style of feature ever constructed to make Video More Interactive .The viewer encounter an intelligent feature which is not similar to some other. Getting viewers to effectively interact with your Video content and appreciate the material on showcase can be an awesome approach to construct brand awareness.It positively serves to make your feature differentiate from the crowd and can easily convert your audience to subscribers, and help you get more views.
Setting up YouTube annotations seems to pretty difficult (when it comes to how to do it effectively ). Therefore we came up with an easy video tutorial for using YouTube annotations effectively.


Steps to set up YouTube Annotations
1. Go to YouTube and open Creator Studio.
2. Then on the left sidebar click on Video Manager > Videos.
3. Go to the video on which you would like to add annotation and click on Edit.
4. Select Add Annotation on the right , and choose the type of annotation you want to get on your video
5. Place the annotation where ever you want to appear on the video.
6. After placing the annotation and fixing up the size you want the annotation to be , go to the timeline below the video

7. Here you can set for how long you want the youtube annotation to appear for and select the time period for that
8. Simply drag and set accordingly
9. Now on the right hand side add the text that you want to appear in youtube annotation.
10. Below that select link and enter the URL that you want you viewers to be redirected from the current video.
11. Hit save and Apply Changes.

That’s it . You are done

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