How to Unlike all Facebook Pages in One Click

How to Unlike all Facebook Pages in One Click

Facebook has changed its algorithm to unlike pages in your profile

Learn More Facebook Tricks & Tips

Therefore we updated the new trick to unlike all pages by one click

1.Open Mozilla Firefox.

2.Log in to your Facebook profile from which you want to unlike all pages you like, but before that we will need some tools:
First Download: imacros Firefox Add-on.
Restart the browser

3.Download Uninvite script here :

Copy unlike oct.iim file to this destination to the place where imacros is installed. Usually it is inside Documents folder.
For example: C:\Users\username\Documents\iMacros\Macros\
4.* Important *
Go back to the Firefox browser and click on the down arrow from where you log out, but don’t log out just click on create page and then pages i like.

5.Click on the imacros icon next to the browser’s address bar, select the unlike.iim file
Enter loop value 99999 and Play the loop.

 The following trick will take time but will automate all your manual work which will take several click . Just have Patience

Cheers!!! Now all pages will be un liked just stay calm.

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World’s most advanced flying car

World’s most advanced flying car




Women and courteous fellows, what’s to come is currently. A Slovakia-based engineering organization has disclosed its new flying auto, and it looks so great.



The most developed flying auto ever constructed was revealed at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna this week by Slovakia-based organization, Aeromobil. The two-passanger model vehicle, called the Aeromobil 3.0, is about the span of a limousine or substantial extravagance car, and works much the same as a transformer, changing from auto to plane in minutes. In auto structure it can hit paces of up to 160 km/h and as a plane, 200 km/h.

“From the front it looks a great deal like an auto; from the back it looks a considerable measure like a little plane. From the side it looks crazy,” says Victoria Turk from Motherboard.

All the Aeromobil 3.0 needs to take off is 250 meters of open field or a cleared runway, and 50 meters of either to land. When you’re prepared to go, at the touch of a catch its wings will naturally spread out from its sides, kind of like a creepy crawly, and a huge auto turns into a little air ship.

“You don’t have to change vehicles when you’re voyaging some place,” Aeromobil CCO Stefan Vadocz told Turk. “You can drive to air terminals or grass strips and take off, go to your objective, and afterward keep driving.” When you’re set, you can simply keep it in your carport – no shelter needed.

In any case before you request that Aeromobil quiets down and take your cash, you would do well to go and get your pilot’s permit, on the grounds that you’re gonna need it when these things hit the business. At this moment, just prepared pilots are allowed to test out the model.

Vadocz stays tight-lipped about when the organization is wanting to get this thing to market, however we can’t resist the opportunity to be somewhat energized.


The Art of Presenting

The Art of Presenting

An idea, a thought that buzzed across your mind, an idea of changing the world, an idea you think is far behind any person can think. Well to be true ideas are never ending so are the ways to set them up.

In the event that we discuss the current world, the current individuals; the working memory of the individuals is sufficiently long to hold till the data is valuable. So to straightforwardly have an effect or in a manner shake their brains the immediate and the basic path is through presentations.

A presentation is even more a formal method for exhibiting your perspectives, contemplations. It is fundamentally a manifestation of introduction of your specialized area, and a form of healthy communication by knowing our goals more clearly.

Let’s dive into the adept methods for planning and showing. Consider the 3 known P’s for a Presentation: Prepare, Present and Perform.



There are various tools available to begin with the preparation. But before that a pre-exercise is needed.

  • Research and collect the available data.
  • Think of a layout or format to present.
  • Sort the information priority wise.

After the pre-exercise task one needs to begin setting up the presentation considering the few essential components as a main priority:

  • Clear, Concise & Sorted Structure
  • Less text, More Pictures
  • Minimalist Approach to Color Selection
  • Correct & Easy to understand data
  • No Spelling & grammatical errors.
  • Appropriate font & font sizes.

After a long tiring process of preparing the whole presentation, we move towards the next phase of presenting it.



All it take is a moment’s courage to stand and speak out the thoughts & the views rolling all over your mind. Presenting can be compared to a form of manipulative instance that how well you can carry out the whole thing even if you do not have plenty of content or at times limited knowledge of the topic.

Some key points you should pay attention to would be as follows:

  • Decent Appearance and Dress Up.
  • Positive Attitude, No Dissenting Opinions.
  • Boost up your confidence.
  • Be Comfortable and avoid tensions.
  • Quote examples from current environment.
  • Time Management.
  • Distributed Eye Contact.
  • Normal pace and pitch.
  • Practice, Practice and Practice.



Performance is all about how charismatic you are, the way you spellbound people. & the aura you could create with all eyes sticking at you.

Key Points:

  • The way you walk in.
  • Proper body movements.
  • Pointing with fingers, absolute NO.
  • Avoid Fillers.
  • Enjoy your own performance.

To close; Research Properly, Practice very much a couple of times, Be Clear & Confident.

Author: Rashika Ahuja

20 Responsive HTML5 Themes for FREE !!!


HTML5 has been around for some time now and we can see all designers have begun to impart free assets in HTML5, CSS3. The formats we are presenting today are completely free with astounding gimmicks like level outline, responsive format, jquery sliders and so on. Free doesn’t make it any terrible as should be obvious the greater part of these html formats look like premium layouts. We have took somewhat additional time to get new HTML5 layouts in this energizing rundown of freebies. Download, offer these layouts with your companions and you have complete opportunity to adjust the subject to your venture needs without any attributions. Astounding subject with retina prepared results may be of investment nowadays for dominant part of the gathering of people and you can discover numerous layout being changed for this alternative alongside responsive format.

Here you will discover around 20 free responsive HTML5 CSS3 site layouts which might be utilized on your new site to modify, make top notch format of your own without working starting with no outside help. Hit us up in the event that you discover any new HTML5 format FREE of charge and offer with us in the remarks beneath. Stay tuned for further upgrades.

Install Custom Tab on Facebook Page

Install Custom Tab on Facebook Page

This video will guide you how can you install custom tab on a facebook page.

Steps :

1. Open the Facebook Page in Logged in mode where you want to Install Custom Tab.

2. Search for “Static HTML Iframe Tab by WooBox”

3. Continue as person and not as page as said.

4. Click on “Install Page Tab”

5. Select the facebook page you want to install the tab to.

6. Click on “Add Page Tab”
You will see a new tab “Welcome” on your page.
(If asked for redirection as in the video just click “Cancel”)

How to get Likes on Facebook Page

7. Now click on “Settings” on the right hand side.

8. Click on “Configure Page Tab”
The WooBox Admin page will open.

9. Here, change the Page Source and Non Fan Page Source to whatever website you want to be showed.
(You can change to show or hide scrollbars and even define the size of the tab content or insert custom code.)

10. After that Click on “Save Settings”
Now to change the tab name from Welcome to the one you want.

11. Click on “Settings” as in Step-7.

 How to unlike all Facebook Page in One Click

12. Click on “Tab Settings” under Manage section on your left.

13. Specify the “Tab Image” and “Tab Name” as you want.

14. Finally click on “Save Settings”
Voila !!! You have the site you want as a Facebook Page Tab.



How to invite all friends to facebook page

How to invite all friends to facebook page

Hello Everyone, Today we are going to show you how to invite all of your Facebook friends to a page without clicking on the invite button continuously.


1.Open Mozilla Firefox.

2.Open any Facebook Page you want, but before that we will need some tools:
First Download: imacros Firefox Add-on
Restart the browser and Click on the imacros icon.

3. Copy invite.iim  Download link below :







file to this destination to the place where imacros is installed. Usually it is inside Documents folder.
For example: C:\Users\username\Documents\iMacros\Macros

4.* Important *
Go back to the Facebook page you left open at Step-2. Scroll down the invitation list on the page you want to invite people till the invitation list ends and you can’t scroll down anymore.

4. Start imacros
Enter loop value 99999 and Play the loop.

Now that you have learned the trick to invite all friends to Facebook page . May be you want to learn How to Unlike All Facebook Pages In One Click


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