Presentation and Public Speaking

Presentation and Public Speaking

Learn Presentation Public Speaking Tricks

Giving a fantastic presentation is important in day-to-day life. We give lectures during classes or at work – we need it to sell our products, show the results of our work or simply to teach others. As it is an ability that may be practiced and improved by some exercises, we have created a list of articles and movies that may be used for improving your skills and increase your self-confidence in front of the audience. Here is the list for presentation public speaking tips and tricks:


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  • Want to interest your audience? Here’s a little guide how to do it

Becoming a good presenter is not easy. Some people are very talented in this discipline but EVERYONE can improve his skills and become a great presenter. If you would like to learn how to do it – check the link below and watch an amazing prezi describing some tips that will help you.

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  • It’s easier to learn from others mistakes – find out the most typical mistakes made by presenters

Everyone has taken part in a boring presentation and decided that his performances will be better. Learning through somebody’s else mistakes is a very efficient method of improving your skills. Here is the example of the worst presentation ever with funny narration. Check this out and become better presenters 🙂

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  • People don’t listen to you – here is our advice

Generally people tend to listen to lecturers who are self confident and know exactly what to say and how. Of course nobody is perfect and that’s exactly why we share with you this material connected with Julian Treasure’s speech on how to speak more efficiently.



  • Want to be a good presenter – become a Prezi ambassador first

Learning presenting skills is not easy although it may be easier if you learn from the best! Becoming Prezi ambassador is connected with many interesting workshops that helps participant understand their audience and give a better performance during speeches. But how to become an ambassador? Here is a prezi made by one of us – Pedro Martinez – which explains what you are supposed to do 🙂


 How To Be A Prezi Ambassador


  • Speeches made by scientists may also be fun! – how to speak understandingly

As you may have noticed when you are giving a speech that is connected to a particular and sophisticated topic, audience seems to be bored – why is that? Scientists are likely to talk in a specific jargon that not everyone understands and that’s exactly why some of the people may get bored. Here is the movie that helps scientists solve this problem and give a great lectures!

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  • Presenting doesn’t have to be hard!


A the end of this post we would like to encourage you to reading another article on this blog connected with the art of presenting 🙂

We hope that this article helped you to understand the importance of exercising your  presentation public speaking  skills and showed you how to do it. Stay tuned – we will add some more content soon! 🙂

How To Design A Resume In Prezi – Prezume

How To Design A Resume In Prezi – Prezume


Prezumes and why you need one!

It’s time to start looking for a job. So, what’s the first thing you do? Start updating your resume and shrinking the Times New Roman font to 11.5 so you can actually fit everything you would like to put. Then, ideally you would print out your resume (or submit online) and take it with you when turning in your application or during the in-person interview. As you walk out the door or exit out of the company website, you start questioning the effectiveness of your resume – Did it stand out? Did I include everything? Resumes work effectively however, within a very narrow set of guidelines. In other words, traditional paper resumes have limits. How do we transcend the limits of traditional paper resumes to increase our likelihood of job employment? Answer – Create a Prezume!


Now, I know what you’re thinking, “What exactly is a Prezume and why should I even bother creating one?” Easy. Prezume are digitalized resumes that similar to traditional paper resumes, showcase your achievements, notable work/awards/grants/etc., skills (i.e., Photoshop, CPR-Training, Microsoft Excel, etc.), past & current employment, and a number of other items you would place in your resume, all through the power of Prezi (i.e., interactive frames, an open canvas, and zooming). 9 out of 10 times, you will be the only person in the pool of candidates with a Prezume (talk about standing out)! Furthermore, if you are a graphic designer, writer, photographer, etc., a Prezume will allow you to showcase your work. Add samples of your work throughout the Prezume so your potential employer can bear witness to your amazing work. In short, Prezume trump traditional resumes with the sheer power of zooming! Create a Prezume today!

How To Become A Prezi Ambassador

How To Become A Prezi Ambassador

How to Land the Prezi Ambassador Program!

After hearing about Prezi you decided to explore the website and you take a look at a few Prezi’s from around the world. You are astounded by all the amazing Prezi’s and then – out of the blue, you come across a page with the title Prezi Ambassador Program. What is the Prezi Ambassador Program? After watching the Prezi detailing the responsibility, benefits and experience of being an ambassador, you suddenly become aware of one thing: I must become a Prezi Ambassador. Now that you’ve moved on to the application, you come to realize how difficult this seems. No worries, we (current Prezi Ambassadors) have created a guide on tips to land the Prezi Ambassador Program.Many of us would think to approach this ambassadorship, as we do with any other internship/job/occupation with a very rigid notion of professionalism.

Rather Prezi Ambassador is Program to develop your analytical and logical skills

Our first tip is to ditch that framework. Operate outside of that system and witness the wonders it will do. Secondly, embrace the idea that you are an agent for change and leadership. Watch this Prezi and gain new insights on how to successfully campaign for the Prezi Ambassador Program at your university.

Learning Prezi is great with proper Tips & Tricks for Prezi

Prezi Tips And Tricks

Prezi Tips And Tricks

Prezi is an innovative tool which can become more powerful with the help of these Prezi Tips and Tricks

It helps share ideas via presentations aimed to the audience. At first sight using this tool may be confusing and it will take some time until you find out how to create something amazing. First presentations will be simple and made out of the template however your skills will improve in time and you will find out that creating out of scratch is not that hard. Below we have created a list of useful links that will help you to learn how to use Prezi and what are the best Prezi Tips and Tricks that you may not known about:
Prezi tips and tricks


Here are few of the Prezi Tips and Tricks

  • Editing Photos Becomes Easy With Prezi!

 While creating a Prezi everyone stands in front of the problem of editing photos that need to be put into presentation. All of them need to be in the same style and they should suits to each other – that’s exactly why Prezi has launched a new tool a PHOTO EDITOR that will help you to improve your photos. In this article one of Prezi’s expert explains how to use this tool in 3 simple steps.

Visit For More : Here!

  • Afraid Of Losing  Your Data – Here’s a Solution!

Sometimes when you create a Prezi you are worried that content that you have added will disappear and you won’t be able to use it again. We have a solution to this problem. If you follow this link you will find 3 simple steps that will prevent you from losing data that you want to reuse in the future.

 Visit For More : Here!


 Want Better Job Opportunities ? Learn How Design a Professional Style Resume In Prezi


  • Not A Graphic Designer – Don’t Worry You Can Use Canva!

Creating a good Prezi is mostly about adding great graphics. It is hard to create something on your own if you don’t have enough graphic skills don’t worry everyone can create something beautiful if he uses a good tool! Canva is a site that allows beginners to create fantastic graphics you don’t need any special skills to design! Canva is a place in the Internet where only ideas matter.


 Visit For More :  Here!


  • How To Make An Awesome Prezi? Here Is The List Of 8 Simple Rules For Beginners

Everyone who starts working with Prezi is a little overwhelmed with all those new possibilities that Prezi gives. Here you can find out how to create something outstanding and how to prevent yourself from making typical mistakes. This Prezi contains 8 rules that will change your point of view on how an awesome Prezi should look like.

Visit For More :  Here!

We hope that our compilation Prezi Tips and Tricks will encourage you to experiment in Prezi and this is to show you that creating a good presentation is not that complicated. Prezi is mostly about fun and thinking outside the box so we believe that our list will allow you to have fun with this new and innovative tool.

If you have any other Prezi Tips and Tricks , that you would like to be added to the above list .
Comment Below

Price And Release Date Announced For Nexus 6

Price And Release Date Announced For Nexus 6

Sitting tight for the Nexus 6?

This will engage you then. The new form of Google’s Nexus cell phone will apparently be dispatched for around Rs. 40,000 for the 32gb rendition, while the 64gb ought to be evaluated around Rs. 45,000. The gadget was as of late recorded on Flipkart with an ‘advancing soon’ tag.

The gadget will apparently be sold on Flipkart and Google Play and accompanies the Snapdragon 805 Soc and Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the case. Being made by Motorola, the Nexus 6 resembles a bigger variant of the Moto X (second Gen) with its 5.9 inch quad-HD show.

It likewise has a 3220 mah battery alongside 3gb of RAM and a 13 MP back cam with OIS. Reports say that the gadget will be dispatched in India before December 10 and may even be propelled inside not long from now. There are additionally reports that the gadget will come to India on November 18. This is no doubt going to be the point at which the gadget gets to be accessible for preorder however, considering that some global reports have said that the Nexus 6 shipments will begin at some point in December.

Then, Google has begun taking off redesigns for Android 5.0 to its different Nexus gadgets, which makes the dispatch of the new form fast approaching. The Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2012 and 2013) and Nexus 10 will be the first cell phones to get the new upgrade, with the Android One gadgets prone to take after. Different makers have additionally advertised the redesign for their gadgets, with Motorola being the leading the imprint.




Operating system

Android 5, Lollipop®


System Architecture/Processor

2.7GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 805 with quad-core CPU (APQ 8084-AB), Adreno 420 GPU


Memory (RAM)

3 GB


Storage (ROM)

32 GB & 64 GB



Height: 159.3mm ( 6.27 inches)

Width: 83.0 mm ( 3.15 inches)

Curve: 3.8-10.1mm (0.15-0.39 inches)


184 grams (6.49 ounces)



5.96” AMOLED, 1440×2560, 16:9 aspect ratio, 493 ppi, Corning® Gorilla Glass® 3



3220 mAh

Mixed usage up to 24 hours*

Qi Wireless charging support


Water Resistant






Rear Camera

  • 13 MP IMX 214 Image Sensor
  • f / 2.0 aperture
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • Ring flash with dual LEDs
  • 4K UHD video capture
  • 2160p (4K) UHD, 1080p HD and 720p HD video capture modes (30fps)
  • 4X digital zoom
  • HDR+
  • Panorama, PhotoSphere and Lens Blur​


Front Camera

2 MP


SIM Card




Micro USB, 3.5mm headset jack


Bluetooth® Technology

Bluetooth version 4.1 LE



802.11ac 2×2 (MIMO)



Dual Front Facing Stereo Speakers


Video Capture

1080p HD and 2160p Ultra HD Video, 30fps (MPEG4, H.264)





Location Services



Base Color

Midnight Blue
Cloud White.

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