According to Researchers and Technocrats we are heading towards DIGITAL DARK AGE Just imagine what is gonna happen when we loose our digital data and data stored over Internet. We would be at a awful stage,which will be called as DIGITAL DARK AGE.


Can be described easily as an age where is the no written records. A Time when people will be so much relied on the technology that they won’t be able to access the historical electronic document or multimedia due to their incompatible file format. If the world’s data is not permanently stored,we are no more away to reach digital dark age.

Now-a-days a snapshot is taken of an item is used to store to reproduce the item at later date but centuries from now snapshot will be used to reproduce game, picture file or a spreadsheet on modern  computers. The technology is increasing at a faster pace,we can say that our future generation will have a huge repository of  data but as the technology will be so much enhanced they won’t be able to access it due to obscure file formats.

The digital content such as email that researchers might need will be evaporated because we didn’t saved it or inaccessible and interpreted because it was created by a software that is 100 years old. The future technology will not be compatible with the standards we use today,leading to the loss of a lot of historic data at forthcoming generations.


DIGITAL DARK AGE can be prevented and we can escape from this awful situation if we get concerned and take proper precautions from now.

  • Caring of the digital material- Printing out important pictures so that they could be preserved for history.
  • Convert it to Preserve it.
  • Atomic backup.
  • Digital vellum-Taking  snapshots  of  the  different  ways  in  which  a  file  can  be  opened  so that  in  future  generation  scientist  can  reproduce  the  files  with  the  help  of  the instructions.


The digital dark age can be said as :-

*State of too much information.

*Non-accessible information.

*Non reliable information

We are unknowingly throwing our data into a black hole.We have to ask ourselves how can we preserve each bit of data that we are creating for future generations.It’s the need of the hour that people should start thinking about the preservation of the data before it’s too late that we lead to digital dark age.We can escape from that situation if the efforts are been made from now on wards.

BEWARE! Digital Dark Age Is Near ?

by Shivani Singh time to read: 2 min

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