Recently google updated its logo , which got lot of appreciation for the new 2015 look and use of typeface in such away that the helped them save bytes of data.Yeah google older logo was 14000 bytes and the brand new logo is just 305 bytes.
This change was brought by changing the typeface they used which was a complicated serif earlier and then google created there own typeface to decrease the size of their font.Earlier logo was made out of 100 anchor points whether the new logo is made up of just 10 circle , 5 rectangle and just i shape with 7 anchor points which makes it a lot smaller in size.
Well this would also help to load website faster on any platform, though the difference is in bytes , but in the world of internet and technology these bytes are the thing that separates you from your competition(though i don’t count a competitor to google)

After Google Logo Redesign , Android & Youtube New Logo is Here , showing how the two companies owned by google i.e youtube and android logo will look if redesigned in google colourful concept.



Check out the making of New logo for Android & Youtube

If you like our work share with your friends and see how they react to New Android and YouTube logo , if you don’t like it please do comment because your word help us grow and correct our mistakes.

After Google Logo Redesign , Android & Youtube New Logo is Here

by Rajat Bagree time to read: 1 min

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