Alright, we all know you must have your own domain to have a successful blog. If you’re not willing to commit under $100 per year for a domain and hosting, then most people won’t commit to you. That’s the bottom line.
Other than using a domain for an existing site, many people don’t realize there are benefits for parking a domain. By ‘parked domain’, I mean you bought a domain but you haven’t really done anything with it.

Reasons to park a new domain
A mature domain will give you a significant head start
Do you have ideas for a new blog or website but you’re not ready to start working on it? Well buy your domain today and just let it sit! I know, you’re thinking if someone snags the one you want, there are other alternative domain names you’re willing to take. Fair enough but that’s not the reason why you need to buy the domain now.
A major part of the Google algorithm includes the age of the site. The longer it’s been existence (in Google’s eyes, containing an index that search engines can find), the better. That means all the SEO advantages, PageRank and other rankings all start from day one.
So even if you’re not planning on really ramping up your site for another 2-3 years, that’s perfectly fine. If you buy your domain today, by the time you’re ready to use it, you just gave yourself a big boost.

A domain with keywords in it can easily be sold
We already know that domain names are being snatched up very fast. Although there are many good ones available, the truly great ones are long gone. I’m sure when you registered for your domain; you saw top domains for sale.
Let’s build from the previous point of having a mature site. There is a huge market for domain names, especially those that have aged a few years. Just check out GoDaddy auctions and you’ll start to see the potential.
Domains are being sold every day for thousands of dollars. There are many domains that have been sold for millions of dollars. The ones that have been around will fetch even more. Why? Because when you transfer it, all those benefits of a mature domain go along with it.
The ones with good keywords in it will typically sell for the most, since people actually search on that phrase. Do a little research and buy a domain with two or three keywords in it. When you put it up for sale, rest assured that the longer it sits, the more attractive it will be.

A parked domain can earn you income
Regardless of whether you decide to keep the mature domain for yourself or sell it to someone else, you can actually earn income while it’s idle. One way is simply using Google Ad Sense for Domains. This was designed specifically to display ads for parked domains. So, you might as well put some ads on there in case anyone swings by rather than showing a passé construction page or displaying an error message.
If you’ve used keywords in the domain name, you’ve greatly increased your chances of someone landing on your page. This is one way to have the domain name literally pay for itself!

Take advantage of the domain sale
So if you’re ready to buy a domain, click through my GoDaddy domain sale link, you can grab your .com domain for $7.49 per year! Sure it’s only a few dollars shy of their regular $10 price but every little bit helps, right?
Happy domain hunting!

3 Good Reasons to Buy a Domain Today

by Rajat Bagree time to read: 2 min

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